I first registered c0nfusion.org around the turn of the 21st century, when I got my first non-dialup connection (ADSL) at home.

Once I had stable internet access at home, I of course had to stake my claim on the internet. I rescued an old PC from the trash at the school where I worked, installed Linux, plugged it in in my bedroom closet, and c0nfusion.org was born! It was my email server, personal warez dump, and of course homepage.

Here’s a screenshot from the Internet Archive:

original c0nfusion.org homepage

Hahaha so dramatic. I think I’d read The Mentor’s “Hacker’s Manifesto” a few too many times. Also, so many hours in Photoshop trying to perfect that gorgeous glossy pill button look from the OS X beta’s Aqua interface. 😂

After a few years I got tired of having to sysadmin my personal email though, and c0nfusion slowly died.

… until now.

It’s alive!

In a moment of recent nostalgia, I decided to bring c0nfusion.org back to life after almost 20 years in the grave.

I don’t know what I’ll end up doing with it, but I’ve been wanting to do some personal blogging and this seems like a decent place to do it. I’ve got a bunch of little topics that don’t fit neatly anywhere else, so we’ll see what comes out.

Cheers - x30n