About me

Hi, I’m Jesse! 👋

(Some people know me as x30n)

I’m a hacker - mostly interested in vulnerability research, reverse engineering, exploit development, and cryptography. I’ve been hacking things since I was a teenager in the late ’90s - the golden age of hacking, IMHO.

I used to play a lot of CTFs. My team, Digital Revelation (or digrev), and I played regularly in DEF CON CTF for about seven years, and actually won twice. These days, I still follow the CTF scene since it’s where I came from, but I’m pretty much retired from competing.

I occasionally publish my work or speak at security conferences like Blackhat, REcon, and DEF CON. I’ve published research on topics like mobile exploitation, low level network attacks, and XNU (iOS / macOS kernel) exploitation & rootkit development.

I’m the founder & CEO of Blackwing Intelligence, a boutique security consultancy in NY.